We can always use extra support in this ministry. The following positions are needed on a regular basis:

Tour Director | Leads a group of sessions, makes sure we have enough volunteers scheduled, distributes tour itinerary to volunteers, leads Customs room, and makes sure the Staging Room is stocked with everything needed for that block of tours. This can be done individually or with a group of up to 3 people. Directors will serve for 4-5 consecutive weeks. 

Tour Guide | Navigates travellers to the different rooms each week and keeps travellers in line with the rules.  This position is more flexible in scheduling in that you can serve one week at a time. (please wear a Hawaiian shirt or tourist garb) 

Rabbi in the Synagogue | Leads that week’s Bible story. Also flexible in scheduling, can serve one week at a time.

Drama Leader in Day Tour room | This person can act out that day’s story, recruit additional actors to participate as needed, or guide children to perform the story. Scheduling for this position is dependent on curriculum.

Marketplace | Leads and assists children in craft projects  and activities that support the Bible lesson. This can be a one week at a time position.

Check-In | Be present at the table in the Narthex and help get children checked in to the program. This can be a one week at a time position. Also, unlocks the door from the Fellowship Hall at 10:45 and helps parents find their children, as needed. This can be a one week at a time position.

Craft/Décor Prep | Work behind the scenes preparing craft projects and setting up rooms when we transitions between blocks of lessons. Jobs/needs will be coordinated by Tour Directors. Depending on curriculum, some tasks could be done at home.  

Customs Agent | At the end of that day’s tour, be stationed in the Fellowship Hall to stamp passports and collect lanyards. This can be a one week at a time position.

To volunteer, please email Elizabeth Petersen (elizabeth.petersen94@gmail.com) and she’ll get you on the schedule.