Students age 3-12 are invited to experience the stories of the Bible through Faith's Odyssey. They will get to dress in costumes as we travel back in time to meet different Bible characters each month and get a peek into what life might have been like. They will get to taste food, create crafts, and learn about how things might have been done during that time period. We have built a 3 year rotation with the goal that the children will have heard and experienced the major Bible stories twice by the time they reach Junior High.

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Children's Drama

Every year, our children help tell the Christmas story with songs, Scripture, and heart-warming stories. Practice begins in August with final performance taking place in December.

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St. Lukes Tutoring and Mentoring program is a neighborhood connection with students and families near St. Lukes. It is a program which assesses needs, provides homework help and specific skill building in English and Math, helps develop life skills, and provides foundations for a life of faith. All tutors and mentors are volunteers who have had background checks, and are qualified for tutoring and mentoring students.

Our program runs concurrently with the Washoe County School District schedule. Tutoring times are from 5:30 to 8:00 pm on Thursdays in classroom N-3, supplemented by two Fridays per month for other activities and trips. Van pick-up and drop-off services are available on a limited basis.

Contact the church office if you have questions or need more information.